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The secret to a profitable practice in any economy.

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Become part of a vital, supportive community of like-minded estate and elder law attorneys.

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More Than Estate Planning Software

Experience a Transformational Difference

Lawyers with Purpose is unlike any other practice development company. More than just a software company, we offer state-of-the-art drafting software for estate planning, elder law and veterans' benefits. More than a coaching firm, we offer hands-on coaching and team training. More than a continuing legal education provider, we offer unsurpassed legal / technical learning opportunities both online and in-person.

Becoming a Lawyer with Purpose will change your life. That's not rhetoric. It's our mission. As a Lawyer with Purpose, you can build a purpose-driven practice with personal and professional balance. You'll become part of a vital, supportive community of like-minded advisers and colleagues. And, as you implement LWP systems and processes, you will find that you not only serve clients efficiently and profitably, but you'll gain the freedom to have a true impact on their lives.

If you're ready to experience a transformational difference -- join us now. We can't wait to meet the new you!

Upcoming Events


Practice with Purpose + Tri-Annual Retreat

Practice with Purpose: March 2-4, 2020
TAPER: March 4-6, 2020

Orlando, FL
Location: B Resort & Spa


Members only

Actionstep Training

August 26 - 2pm EDT

LIVE Case Study Review

August 31 - 4pm EDT

VA Tech Training

September 2 - 12 Noon EDT

Actionstep Training

September 2 - 2pm EDT

Actionstep Training

September 9 - 2pm EDT

VA Benefits Marketing Moments

September 16 - 12 Noon EDT

Open to the Public

Medicaid Estate Recovery

September 10 - 1pm EDT

VA Proposed Rule Changes

September 16 - 5pm EDT

iPug Business Planning

September 22 - 5pm EDT

Lawyers with Purpose (LWP) makes Estate Planning law firms efficient, profitable, and purposeful. We are the leading provider of practice solutions to maximize opportunity and joy for Estate Planning attorneys and the clients they serve. LWP provides innovative practice strategies that are systemized into technology and identify the necessary skills and training for the people responsible to implement them successfully.