• The Longest Day (April 2016)
  • There is no cure for dementia.
  • An Open Letter (March 2016)
    A personal tragedy highlights the power of Lawyers with Purpose processes and systems.
  • Dialing for Appointments (February 2016)
    Irrespective of the status of your business, an investment in an appointment setter is a phenomenal return on investment.
  • Dialing for Appointments (January 2016)
    In the business world there is constant discussion of ROI – return on investment – in connection with every matter imaginable.


  • Year End or Year Begin? (December 2015)
  • With the fourth quarter practically gone, many business owners are feeling a bit (or a lot) of angst. It’s the 2-minute warning to get to goal while at the same time having the forecasting for 2016 well underway. Where should I put my limited, very limited, time and focus? What should I focus on first?
  • Overwhelmed or Too Much Work? (November 2015)
    When you are ready to eradicate overwhelm as a status cycle from your entire office culture, you must start by unpacking all the mental clutter that is very real for you right now, and then acknowledge the assets that exist within your team and start utilizing them to the fullest.
  • Structure or Routine? (October 2015)
    The art of enjoying unstructured time is the structure strategically placed on the front and back end to ensure focus, intentionality & development in-between the sand and snow.
  • The Wisdom of Never Giving Assets to the Kids (August 2015)
    Invariably, in every workshop I have presented to clients over the last 10 years, I’ve been asked the question, “When should I give my house (or other assets) to the kids?” My answer is quick, swift and with a smile: “Never. In fact, you never want to give anything to anyone you love.”
  • VA Pension Claims: What to Include and Exclude (July 2015)
    A successful VA pension claim depends on the inclusion of the right VA forms as well as their correct completion. This is particularly important in the case of the Fully Developed Claim (FDC) Program, which is the relatively quicker claim adjudication process in comparison with the Standard Claim Process.
  • What you must have for your next workshop… (June 2015)
    You may have heard by now that Dave rolled out the new “How To Protect Your ‘Stuff’ In 3 Easy Steps” workshop at our June Tri-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat in St. Louis!
  • Registration For LWP’s Tri-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat closes May 15 (May 2015)
    Just a quick heads up that we’re closing the doors, May 15th, to register for our Tri-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat, June 1-5 in St. Louis, MO.
  • Meet me in St. Louis? (April 2015)
    As a Lawyers with Purpose member law firm, I both dread and look forward to each Tri-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat. What I dread: the time out of the office and the cost of travel for my entire team of nine. What I look forward to: time out of the office, working “on” my business instead of “in” my business, WITH my team.
  • Knowing The Breakeven Point…A Must When Pre-Planning! (March 2015)
    When Medicaid planning, many practitioners focus on the look back date and the penalty period to identify the best strategy to ensure Medicaid eligibility in the shortest period of time. While that may be true for crisis planning, when preplanning for Medicaid benefits, the look forward period and the breakeven date are critical factors to become eligible in the shortest period of time.
  • Army Nurse Cadets – A Fight For Justice (February 2015)
    WWII brought many changes and sacrifices to our American way of life. Amongst these was the loss of over 250,000 nurses nationwide to military duty, leaving a huge medical void within this country. The solution to this massive problem was the creation of the Victory Nurse Corps, which later became the Nurse Cadet Corps.
  • Unofficial VA Rates (January 2015)
    Each year the President of the United States decides whether there will be a cost of living adjustment (COLA) to Social Security benefits. The Veterans Administration then mirrors the COLA for Improved Pension benefits. For several years there wasn’t a COLA increase. For 2015, the increase is 1.7%.


  • If A Spouse Is Ill But A Veteran Isn’t, Can A Couple Still Get Aid & Attendance? (December 2014)
  • No. While the veteran is alive, the claim is the veteran’s. In cases where the Veteran is over 65 and healthy, but the Veteran’s Spouse is ill, the best that the couple can qualify for is the base pension amount.
  • Top 5 Moments of the Tri-Annual Retreat (November 2014)
    Sitting in the airport restaurant next to the gate for my flight home, I was physically exhausted after two weeks of travel, but mentally I was pumped! While I was excited to go home to my family, my mind was spinning as I was forced to sit still for some time while waiting for boarding to begin.
  • The New/Enhanced LWP Estate Planning Process Binder (September 2014)
    If you have not yet noticed, the entire LWP Estate Planning Process™ has been revised with new documents and support tools.
  • Automatic Burial Payments to Surviving Spouses of Veterans (August 2014)
    Effect July 7, 2014, new burial regulations permit the VA to automatically pay the maximum burial allowance to a surviving spouse of a veteran, without the need for an application.
  • The Weight Of The World … Or Opportunity? (July 2014)
    The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do.”
  • The LWP-CCS Common Trust (June 2014)
    We had a discussion recently on the Live ListServ about a newer component of the drafting software. For clients that may not have a huge amount of assets and would be highly unlikely to ever worry about the estate tax and they don’t want the added confusion of having a lot of language regarding estate tax in their documents, there is now an option to create a common trust for married couples.
  • Lessons From Facebook (May 2014)
    Facebook has reconnected people who lost touch. Friends from high school and family have all connected again. In fact, this is how I found my brother after he moved in the middle of the night from Georgia to another state. I almost hired a private investigator until I realized I could just search him on Facebook.
  • Four Reasons (April 2014)
    The word “Reason” is defined as “A statement presented in justification or explanation of a belief or action.” Are you registered for the Tri-Annual Retreat in Chicago, June 11th – 13th?
  • Building The Brand (March 2014)
    Lawyers With Purpose has a new look! You’ll see it on the website, across social media, and in all of our digital and printed materials (like this one). Learn more about the process in this month’s newsletter.