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Attorney Education and Law Firm Staff Training | Live Events

An Holistic Approach to Practice Development

Lawyers with Purpose™ takes an holistic approach to your practice development. Beyond attorney training, we know that your success depends on getting your entire team on board to support you. For many law firm teams across the country, joining LWP means creating a path and a plan that strategizes the most important modifications needed to grow your practice and make it thrive. Your team not only leads the "how to" of creating your future, they own their role in the creation and implementation of your new future. Our training goal is to have every team member empowered with the clarity of not only what the future looks like but also how to get there.

At LWP, your team members get the training they need to confidently do their jobs without chasing their tails all day. What do you print for meetings? What is the follow-up? Where do you find the items you need? What goes in the file? We even provide sample client "cheat sheets" to help your team implement what they learn.

Practice with Purpose


  • Medicaid Crisis & Pre-Planning
  • Medicaid Planning Principles
  • Learn the Rules, Exceptions, Strategies and Secrets
  • Counseling and Design Issues
  • Medicaid Qualification Worksheet™
  • Spend-Down Methods & Calculations
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Tools to Reveal Your Clients' Real Needs
  • Value Proposition Conversation & Asset Risk Analysis™
  • Funding Table & Roadmap™
  • Checklists for Proper Planning
  • Case Studies to Determine Medicaid Eligibility
  • Hands-on Experience in a Classroom Setting


  • Business Rationale "What's In It For Me?"
  • The LWP Business Model
  • The LWP Relationship Management System™
  • Identify Allied Professionals in Your Market
  • The LWP Client Enrollment System™
  • LWP Workshop Training
  • Case Studies and Activities
  • Communicate Your Value in the Marketplace
  • Communication Skills to Increase Your Value to Clients and Allied Professionals
  • Social Styles Analysis


  • Trust Fundamentals
  • Four Levels of Estate Planning: Traditional, Asset Protection, Benefits Eligibility, and Estate Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning Documents
  • Revocable Living Trusts
  • iPug™ Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Non-grantor Trusts
  • Effective Design Strategy
  • LWP Plan Options
  • Understanding the Trust Design Template
  • Hands-on Trust Drafting in the LWPCCS Software


  • Learn the Basics of Implementing the LWP Systems in Your Firm
  • Hands-on Training
  • Live Demonstration of our Cloud-based System and Process
  • Review the Key Focusers and Reports that Will Keep Your Practice Moving Forward

Twice-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat

At LWP™, the learning never stops. LWP shares their new innovations in marketing, practice proficiency, and keeps you current on the changing laws, so you can maintain your confidence and success. The Twice-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat will propel your practice!

LWP members are invited, along with their staff, to this 3-day event. Attorneys will learn about the systems and processes, as well as the marketing and referral relationship system, alongside other members and their staff to learn how to implement the estate planning process for practice proficiency and effectiveness.

You get live hands-on training of:

  • Advanced marketing strategies, including the LWP Referral Management System™, that will drive referrals to your practice.
  • How to develop a practice that operates consistently with your marketing message.
  • The key meetings required for successful cash flow and firm growth.
  • New practice proficiency and marketing strategies and tools.
  • Connect with other LWP members. Meet representatives from around the nation! Connect with those that have shared the LWP experience and see how they continue to grow their law practice.

Attendees leave with...

  • The ability to distinguish between financial advisors and consultants.
  • An analysis on the number of lawyer and staff hours required to meet revenue goals and identify the profitability of each revenue source in their firm.
  • A comprehensive calendar system that teaches you how to operate focus-driven not calendar-driven. I.e.: getting the results for the clients and consistent cash flow for the law firm.
  • All new systems developed, tested, and proven throughout the year.
  • The skills and tools to interview referral sources.
  • The tracking tools to maintain referral relationships, by using the LWP Referral Management System™.

Staff will learn...

  • Advanced marketing strategies, including the LWP Referral Management System™, that drives referrals to your practice.
  • How to develop a practice that operates consistently with your marketing message.
  • The key meetings required for successful cash flow and firm growth.
  • How to connect with other LWP staff members and team leaders.

Learn about the October TAPER in Washington, D.C. (Click Here)

Lawyers with Purpose (LWP) makes Estate Planning law firms efficient, profitable, and purposeful. We are the leading provider of practice solutions to maximize opportunity and joy for Estate Planning attorneys and the clients they serve. LWP provides innovative practice strategies that are systemized into technology and identify the necessary skills and training for the people responsible to implement them successfully.