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Estate Planning Drafting Software

Estate Planning | Wills & Trusts | Elder Law | Medicaid | Asset Protection | VA Benefits | Special Needs Trusts


One of the most unique and powerful elements of the entire Lawyers of Purpose™ Law Practice Model is our industry busting document creation software. What makes it industry busting? It's a whole new dimension to provide competent legal documents. But what makes it unique is that it's not just software, it's a culmination of the estate planning experience for the client. The name says it all, Lawyers with Purpose, client-centered software. It is unparalleled in the industry, because unlike typical legal software, this software is based wholly on the needs of the client. In fact, the needs of the client are clearly identified in the initial meeting when they hire you. The process we use to help them identify the plan solves the need the client has expressed. It starts all the way back at the workshop where we educate them. It then carries into the initial meeting where they hire us and then into the design meeting where a detailed design template is utilized. This helps to walk the client through their life, while they are alive and well, when they become disabled, when they die, when their spouse becomes disabled or dies, and even when their assets pass to their children and what happens if they become divorced, die, disabled, or have creditors or predators pursue them.

The other industry busting element of this software is that it is a single entry system. This means that a single interview based on the design will generate all documents (wills, healthcare proxies, powers of attorneys, revocable trusts, and irrevocable trusts) all based on a single entry. More importantly, as you go through the interview, the software will warn you if you pick choices throughout it that are inconsistent or could lead to potential malpractice. You are protected at every angle and that's not all.

In addition to these protections and industry busting standards, it is also the most customizable software in the industry. It permits dozens of sub-trusts, trustee appointment for each sub trust, different distribution standards for classes of trusts, stand-alone sub trust and even has an element of artificial intelligence to create results that you as the attorney, once trained, are absolutely confident not only in what you are doing, but anyone in your office that is supporting you in this role will be doing competently and confidently.

Another unique offering of the software is its comprehensiveness. Not only does it provide wills, healthcare proxies, and powers of attorney, but it's our industry exclusive personal needs plan, IPug™ trust, completed gift trust, and Medicaid qualification software. Come see the next generation of document creation.



Our Medicaid qualification worksheet is by far the most advanced in the industry and our Medicaid qualification software is the only software in the entire industry that helps you properly calculate Medicaid eligibility for any type of client. Not only does it help you identify the maximum amount of assets that can be protected in the shortest period of time, it helps you present it to the client in a methodology they can understand and you can be confident you can achieve.

By use of the Medicaid qualification software, you are able to provide not only clients, but also your referral sources, detailed opinion letters on the asset protection and Medicaid planning strategies you can utilize to get each client qualified in the soonest possible time, protecting the maximum amount of assets based on an individual fact pattern. More importantly, it also calculates the asset risk analysis and the funding road map to ensure the funding is done in a timely and effective manner.

Most recent editions include an IRA liquidation analysis and annuity versus trust planning analysis. An IRA liquidation analysis, which actually calculates the point in time in which it would have been more advantageous to liquidate the IRA and pay the tax, rather than annuitizing and taking the RMD. Another recent edition includes the annuity versus trust planning analysis which helps identify the exact amount of money needed to go into an annuity, and when it would be more effective for the client for a trust plan to be utilized. There is no other software in the industry or even training that provides this information and knowledge. And at LWP, it's at your fingertips any time you'd like it, in real time.

One of our co-founders, Dave Zumpano, has been providing this Medicaid expertise to the national industry since 2001 and has introduced it to at least three different national estate planning legal organizations including the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, Wealth Council, and the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. Dave's expertise in bringing this knowledge into tools and systems to help you to be confident knowing you are not missing anything and getting the best possible result in your practice is unparalleled in the industry.

What's Included in the Software?

The documentation creation software has everything an estate planning and asset protection attorney needs to run a practice. So it starts with the simple wills. We have trust-based wills, we have powers of attorneys and healthcare proxies, all state specific.

We have a personal care plan very unique to our software. It's a customizable, multipage document to deal with special care issues in the event of disability.

We have revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts. And among the irrevocable trusts, we have iPug protection trusts, three versions: we have the income only version of the asset protection trust, we have the control only version, and we have the third-party version. In LWP, we call them the MIT, the FIT, and the KIT.

And then we have tax trusts. So we have the CGT and the TAB trust. Those are like purposeful for (sounds like: islets) or family gifting trusts, things of that nature. They are non-grantor trusts so that transfers to them are completely gifts.

We also have special needs trusts included in the software for those that do that area of law.

And we have some very unique parts to our documentation creation. We have the only software in the industry for Medicaid qualification and V. A. qualification, where you can enter information — and it's artificial intelligence. It will tell you if you've missed something. And when you enter all the information, it will give you the information to do the actual Medicaid spend down plan or the V. A. plan. So it's very, very unique, but it's all included in the document creation software with LWP.

Who Needs this Legal Drafting Software?

You know, we have found that the software has a very favorable application to a number of different types of attorneys. The one type of attorney it's very, very commonly used by is estate planning attorneys. They like the flexibility of being able to do V. A., Medicaid, and even a little bit of tax planning like (sounds like: islets) and things of that nature.

The other area we see is newer attorneys, younger folks trying to get into the business not really understanding everything. Because of the safety valves in the software, it prevents you from really making mistakes. So I think newer attorneys really enjoy using it because they have that confidence factor of making sure they don't forget or miss anything.

I think sometimes those asset protection attorneys out there that are used to domestic asset protection trusts, once they understand the iPug asset protection trust, they realize they don't need all the complications of a DAPT but they can get all the same benefits that they're usually accustomed to with a DAPT. So it's a much simpler approach.

And even business owners, those that do business planning, our trusts work really, really well for business owners. We have a very simple conversation called "bubbles and boxes" that you'll learn about when you come in. And it's really great for business owners to understand the distinction between their companies and the corporations and how they work together with the trust.

So I think in that area, elder law attorneys, estate planning attorneys utilize this all the time naturally. And, you know, if you're in the field where you're working with the elderly, V. A. benefits, Medicaid benefits, asset protection, all of those things are going to be accommodated by this software.

How Is the Software Different?

You know, it's different right from the beginning. Its name, it's called CCS, Client Centered Software.

As the standard protocol among drafting systems across the country, it's very lawyer-oriented. They are very focused on what legal features you're choosing — powers of appointments, you know, after death asset protection, things of that nature.

This software has all of that naturally, but it's very different in its makeup. What we do is, instead of focusing on the legal provisions, we focus on the client needs. So we take the client through a story of their life: while they're alive; if they become disabled; when are they disabled; when they die, who do they want to be in control; who do they want to benefit at all these different times. And we walk them through a story of their life and we document it on our templates. And the beauty of these templates is that everything is on there. You will never have to worry about whether you are missing a core issue because we take you through a comprehensive application of their life, and then we look at those questions. And depending upon how the client answers those questions, it then brings in the necessary law to get those results, whether it's a power of appointment or an asset protection trust. So it's all there, but it's really client-focused. In fact, many of the attorneys always share with us how once they start using it, they're surprised at how different it is, about how much more user friendly it is with the clients. It is very, very client-centered.

And it's very unique and different in that it is really structured around a system approach. For example, our software is actually integrated back all the way into our educational workshop. We tell stories in the workshop that anchor the client to some key legal concepts. When we come into their initial meeting, which we call a "vision meeting," to help them choose the plan they want, we anchor back to those same stories which, again remember, all anchor back to key legal concepts.

In the design meeting, we again anchor the client back to those key stories that they can relate to in their life that, again, anchor to those key legal concepts. And so as we make the choices in the design template, we have unlimited flexibility and customization that we can do at every level of the estate planning, whether it's the Will, the healthcare proxy, whether it's the trust, whether it's before death, after death.

Our trusts are highly customizable where you could even have specific bequest trusts. You can have different trustees for every trust, different formats. That's if you want to get customized. To understand how to use it, you want to get the customization down. Or you can have it simplified. If you have a traditional plan you typically do, you can set that in the software and it will generally do that as well. It depends on your level. You get to use it all the way up to that fully customizable level. We have over 4,900 different variations of options that can cross-combinate into a plan for a client, or you can use the standard ones, whatever is comfortable for you.

And what we learn is the more you use it, the more customizations you become accustomed to, and the more you are distinguished in the marketplace from all those other softwares that are all the same trust over and over with a few names being different.

So it's up to you. It can do the simplified versions or it could be very customizable. It's your choice, but the software allows it, and it's very client-centered.

Revolutionary Medicaid Planning Software

Our Medicaid software is industry-changing. Let me tell you how it works. Medicaid is a series of rules. We all know that. But we have actually designed software that is artificially intelligent. If you don't choose or input certain information, it's going to ask it for you. And if you choose a combination of events that it knows an exception applies, not only is it going to tell you about that, but it's going to give you the specific exemption that you're entitled to. For example, the asset to income rule.

This software, though, not only does it tell you the plan of action to take to get the shortest ineligibility period, it also designs the funding plan for you and creates an opinion letter for you to give to — directly to clients, to perspective clients, or even to referral sources to help them show — to help show them the advantages that you can do for any client. So, for example, it's typical we have a one-page form that if a client completes on our website, or a financial advisor sends in on behalf of a client, we can send them a complete written analysis of all the asset protection that we can do for them and how much money would be lost, how much would be protected, and when they would be qualified for Medicaid, and it's far less than anyone every expects, even you. So this Medicaid software is really, really unique.

It also does several analysis. So we give you an IRA analysis to tell you is it better to liquidate the IRA or is it better to annuitize the IRA. And we give you the tax calculations to justify those provisions. We give you what we call "the point of no return," that point in which if they are in a nursing home beyond, they would have spent more money by annuitizing than had they just liquidated it. We have a similar analysis for annuities. Are we better off using an annuity or are we better off doing a straight spend down plan? We have the same analysis for a personal service contract. Should I use a personal service contract? Will that get me a better benefit or would I have been better to do a straight spend down plan based on the asset protection?

So it's very, very comprehensive. It's the only type of its kind in the industry. And the most amazing thing is it's so supportive because it's got your back. Every corner you turn, if there's something you missed, it's going to highlight it for you and give you that information, and even give you the funding plan of how to accomplish it. So very, very dynamic software, very supportive of the small law practice.

VA Benefits Software

Our V. A. software is very unique. With Victoria L. Collier, the number one V. A. expert in the country, creating the software.

And many people don't know the eligibility standards around V. A. benefits. They know that there is a certain amount of assets and income, but you don't know the amount of assets you can have. In many cases, you can have assets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and still be eligible. We have the software that uses the V. A.'s own formulas in making these determinations.

In addition, our software is very unique in that you could enter client information and it will generate the necessary documents for the application. We have a complete application process that is tracked through a client management system which gives you reporting, so you're very familiar with where each case stands and what step of the process it's in, the forms that have been completed, which ones are done by clients, which ones are done by the office, and the software will generates those forms.

Very unique and different, unparalleled in the industry. Very, user friendly for any law practice that's experienced, or doing veteran benefits for the first time, they can confidently ensure that their paraprofessionals are able to handle a large majority of this work.  And they can keep tabs on it with the reporting to be confident that they're not missing any major deadlines.

It’s great technology to help any practitioner be confident that they're not missing anything.

iPug™ Protection Trust

Within the Lawyers With Purpose Client Centered Software, we have different genres of trusts. And it's important to distinguish the iPug protection trust. Many other national organizations try to compare themselves to it, but they can't. The iPug is trademarked and even has some patent-pending features to it.

I've had the ability to look at all the softwares in the industry, and they all have features that match some of the features in an iPug trust. But an iPug trust is a series of features that are unique all in one place that gets a variety of results. What are some of the results?

For example, an iPug trust can be used for several facets. One facet it is traditionally used for is Medicaid eligibility. And there's variations of Medicaid compliance, so we have the income-only versions, we have the control-only versions, and we have the third-party versions, otherwise known in the Lawyers With Purpose community as the MIT, the FIT, and the KIT. These are our trademarked terms. You cannot have a MIT, FIT, and KIT unless you have our iPug software.

It is a very unique series of features and functionalities that work together to get results that apply not only to the Medicaid client, but also has uses in VA eligibility and in asset protection, far beyond Medicaid. For non-taxable estates – ten and a half million dollars or less for a married couple – five and a quarter million dollars currently for a single person – there's a lot of functionality for asset protection. You can use it for business owners quite commonly and I have a client that just had five of them for his multiple real estate holdings.

So these trusts have multiple, multiple applications far beyond the Medicaid, but also they're user friendly. Clients like them because they're able to be in control of the trust or able to change them. They're actually able to even have some uses and benefits from them with some restrictions that we provide training on. They are very unique and very exciting! And once you get it, it's hard to go back to anything else.

Special Needs Trusts

So our special needs trusts were designed and created by Kristen Lewis, a nationally renowned special needs attorney. And she's on our staff and available on (sounds like: list serve) for questions. She does our trainings for us and things of that nature.

We have several versions of the special needs trust. We have a first-party and a third-party, and we have a court-ordered. So all of those are in the software with certain customizable features right up to date with the newest regulation changes in the Social Security Administration regarding special needs.

And Kristen is a great, great teacher on all of that and has tremendous videos explaining to you how to use those (inaudible) direct access to her when you need her as well.

Great, great use for those that do special needs. It's there. It's in there. Like Prego, you know, it's in there.

What's Unique about LWP CCS?

The LWPCCS, as I kind of shared with you, has a lot of stuff in it, so it could be overwhelming if you look at it all in total. But what's unique about it is it's really based on platforms and systems in process that — simplified word, that says there's a way that these things work. So there is a learning curve to the CCS.

The first learning curve is understanding how to interact with the client when doing a design, because we're really not jamming legal, technical mumbo jumbo down their throat. We're really asking them about their life and some of their goals and objectives, and we anchor to these key stories to help them get confident in the planning, but it also gets us confident in the legal and technical provisions we need to put in it.

The training, there's online training videos. We have live training several times a year. But there is access to a full, complete legal support team, software specific and legal/technical specific, that really helps you through those — you know, there are usually little glitches. Once you hear it, you go, "Oh, geez, you know, I knew that," but you didn't know you knew it. But that's okay, just give us a holler.

But the software, what's really nice about it, a little bit of a learning curve in the context that you have to understand its customization. But if you don't want to use that learning curve, then you could use the standardized version of it, and it's a very, very comprehensive system in its standard version. And then as you go along — when I say "learning curve," it's to enhance the customization, to really create documents that are unavailable anywhere else in the marketplace. And that's what's really going to distinguish you in your local market as well.

Lawyers with Purpose (LWP) makes Estate Planning law firms efficient, profitable, and purposeful. We are the leading provider of practice solutions to maximize opportunity and joy for Estate Planning attorneys and the clients they serve. LWP provides innovative practice strategies that are systemized into technology and identify the necessary skills and training for the people responsible to implement them successfully.