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Estate Planning Drafting Software

Discover The Most Powerful, Flexible & Easy-To-Use Software
That Will Help You Grow Your Practice.


  • Regain lost hours
    Spend less time drafting documents and get control of your practice's Estate Planning workflow system
  • Easy to Use Software
    Train your team in less time and be confident that the work will be done right…the first time
  • Built in Power and Flexibility
    Effective document preparation for 99% of your Estate Planning clients
  • Live Legal Support
    Ready access to on-staff attorney…Never feel stuck again!

Complimentary 30 minute software demo:

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Successful and Forward-Thinking Attorneys
Throughout the Country Entrust Their Document Preparation to the
Lawyers with Purpose Drafting Software

Jeff Bellomo

- Jeff Bellomo
York, Pennsylvania

"The Lawyers With Purpose document drafting software is a game changer. I can't begin to tell you how the software program has changed my practice. Prior to using the drafting software we spent hours drafting documents and were not making any profit for the firm. Yes, we had forms but the problem was that we had to open each document form individually and change all of the names and information. I (the lawyer) fill out the template and my drafting team member inputs the information right into the program one time and it populates all of the documents for you. Not to mention that now my documents are tailored specific to each client because of the thousands of variables in the software program. Now, I am more efficient (both time and money) and can provide a lot more options for the client. A win win for everyone. The LWP software will change your practice in ways that you can't imagine. Thank you LWP."

Steve Wright

- Steve Wright
Idaho Falls, Idaho

"The LWP-CCS system is an extremely valuable tool in our office. The system allows me to delegate much of the initial drafting to my paralegal/production coordinator. This substantially increases my efficiency. I am comfortable delegating the initial drafting because -- although the system generates sophisticated, specifically tailored documents -- it also provides prompts and warnings to help ensure we are addressing issues appropriately. Yet, in spite of its complexity, the LWP-CCS system is very user friendly. I certainly recommend it to others. Thanks."

Jennifer Rozelle

- Jennifer Rozelle
Fishers, IN

"Using the LWP-CCS as our drafting software has made customization of estate plans incredibly simple. In our workshops, we utilize a variety of different examples that showcase how simple or complex an estate plan can be and the LWP software makes that possible. I remember when I first sat down to learn it, I felt overwhelmed because of all the different options to check or not check. However, all of those different options are what makes attorneys that us their documents stand out -- customization of estate plans. It makes it fun!"

Tammy Ely

- Tammy Ely
York, PA

"LWP-CCS is a great time saver in drafting estate planning documents. You enter the pertinent data once and it populates the Will, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directive and any Trusts or documents required depending upon the plan you choose. There is, in general, very minimal hand typing on the documents as most options are built into the software. And if the client decides to change the type of plan you just open the answer file and complete only the additional information require, generate the documents and you are good to go. You can quickly create single documents as well as the complete plans if you need to do so."

Lawyers with Purpose (LWP) makes Estate Planning law firms efficient, profitable, and purposeful. We are the leading provider of practice solutions to maximize opportunity and joy for Estate Planning attorneys and the clients they serve. LWP provides innovative practice strategies that are systemized into technology and identify the necessary skills and training for the people responsible to implement them successfully.