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Membership Benefits

Systems, Process and Tools to Transform Your Law Practice

With LWP, it's easier than you think. We work with lawyers who are frustrated with their practices because they are working long hours, struggling with marketing, managing staff and making money, or lack direction. We guide them to declare and commit to a path and plan they can believe in.

What makes Lawyers with Purpose™ unique is that we hold our members accountable to their plan and provide an infrastructure for them to achieve it.

Our members tell us they are accomplishing their goals, making more money, and finally can delegate, trust their team to lead, and feel confident it won't break.

Teach, Show, Do and Go

LWP has a laboratory within their own founder's law practice. The system has been proven. By using the LWP teaching strategies, the founding practice was taken to an entirely different level. LWP will TEACH the legal/technical competence to avoid malpractice. LWP will SHOW you new, innovative and proven strategies, tools, and leadership. LWP will have you DO real case studies, activities and practices using the LWP tools & strategies. LWP will provide what you need to GO implement your new Profit Center.

A Tried, Tested, Proven Program to Build a Strong Law Firm

Because everything at LWP is tried, tested, and proven to deliver results in the real world, you can have confidence that the LWP program will help you build a strong, sustainable law firm that serves clients with excellence, and from which you can eventually retire.

  • We conduct hands-on lab work so when our members leave each training, they know the next steps to execute with precision; no guesswork. This approach allows our members to easily accomplish results in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • We furnish thorough detailed step-by-step legal software systems to assist our members in helping their clients with needs in Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs, Estate Tax Plans, including Veterans Administration Enhanced Pension benefits Qualification, Medicaid Qualification, and Probate & Trust Administration.
  • We publish information on how we run and operate our law practice in various formats, including forms, templates, software, and videos to support you in every aspect of your business.
  • We provide training, implementation, and coaching to help our members and their teams reinforce our methods and strategies, and work through obstacles in their practice so they enjoy success and balance.
  • We facilitate an active community you can access 24/7, so our members can get answers to any questions they might have no matter what concern is keeping them up at night. As a member, you will have access to a high caliber and energized community of attorneys who are ready to help and share solutions.

When you enroll, you will receive all of the systems, processes, and tools to transform your law practice, your legal career, your life and the lives of your clients.

Learn more about each of your exclusive member benefits:

Lawyers with Purpose (LWP) makes Estate Planning law firms efficient, profitable, and purposeful. We are the leading provider of practice solutions to maximize opportunity and joy for Estate Planning attorneys and the clients they serve. LWP provides innovative practice strategies that are systemized into technology and identify the necessary skills and training for the people responsible to implement them successfully.