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Why LWP?


Lawyers with Purpose™ is different because we use integration. LWP™ combines everything under one umbrella and allows you to see the big picture as a unified whole. LWP enhances what you already know to achieve the best results which give you derivatives and velocity.

LWP measures what you know and based on our integrated system, we generate a whole lot more information with accountability and reporting. Instead of throwing ideas out there and not knowing which will work, LWP understands the underlying assets from your ideas and can inform you how fast and in what direction they will take you. Reporting in real time is effective and accurate.


  • Utilize one legal based tool to educate referral sources, clients, lawyers, and other professionals.
  • Gives you meaningful reports that take the information you already possess and report it in a way in which you can benefit from it in real time.
  • Helps you take your legal technical training and turn it into marketing.
  • Helps you take your marketing and turn it into legal technical.
  • Feels your pain when you do because we are also practicing attorneys, and when the industry changes, we are innovating solutions accordingly.

As a Lawyer with Purpose, you will feel content and happy as you are helping people with consistent cash flow which removes their anxiety. You're doing more with less.


How it all Started

Like you, our founder, David J. Zumpano CPA, ESQ is a practicing attorney. He started as a solo practitioner with a secretary. His practice was growing. He thought he was doing well until, unexpectedly, his secretary left on emergency leave for three weeks.

Her leave paralyzed his firm.

He realized his livelihood existed imprudently on everything going right. His practice could not sustain any bumps in the road.

After this brutal awakening, he recognized that if his business couldn't handle normal circumstances, it would be worse for a major setback. If he had an accident or an illness, it could seriously impact his practice, his clients, and could stop the income he needed to support his family.

Plagued by these worries, he still didn't know how to run his practice differently. He ran into other challenges. As his practice grew, he struggled to meet the demands of his clients, referral sources, and family. In fact, it was a grind to find time to market his services, which affected his cash flow. Also, he noticed his work with clients took longer, leading to more frustrations.

He knew something had to change.

He recognized he'd built his practice as a job in his field of choice. Dave needed to reinvent his practice to operate and run as a business.

Dave spent the next five years determining how to market his firm and get all the legal work done within an acceptable timeframe. He exhausted mind-bending energy figuring out the processes, systems, and tools that allowed him to run his practice as a successful, saleable business.

The results were stunning!

Through streamlining his practice, his law firm could run successfully and even operate without him. This gave him time to create training materials on his processes, formulas, and systems so other attorneys wouldn't have to learn the hard way.

In 2001, Dave started his own national organization to teach attorneys how to turn their law firms into thriving saleable practices.

Today, his effort combined with that of two other strong leaders, Victoria Collier and Molly Hall, offers the most complete and comprehensive system: Lawyers with Purpose™ (LWP™). Victoria brings from her VA law practice, highly sought after experience and systems on how to provide Veteran Benefit Law services. Molly leads the coaching program to help attorneys transform their businesses and their teams into efficient law practices, ultimately, accomplishing more in less time.

Drawing upon their combined 15+ years of experience, these team leaders have educated, coached, and dramatically improved the results for 600+ law firms across the country.

Lawyers with Purpose (LWP) makes Estate Planning law firms efficient, profitable, and purposeful. We are the leading provider of practice solutions to maximize opportunity and joy for Estate Planning attorneys and the clients they serve. LWP provides innovative practice strategies that are systemized into technology and identify the necessary skills and training for the people responsible to implement them successfully.